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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 3:15 PM

I AM BLOGGING AT now!!! heh.

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Friday, August 12, 2011 @ 10:22 PM

8July Friday

out to city plaza for arnold's chicken after sch with class.
super hot day , tak boleh tahan.
all of them take out umbrella while walking haha.
shop ard while waiting for miss siriwan to come.
then we settled at arnold's!
ordered damm lots of chicken, haha.
full lunch (:
after that went to walk walk ard suntec city with miss siriwan.
home sweet home at 7+ (:

10 July Sunday

went bugis with xian to use our manhattan fish market coupon haha.
yummy lunch too. the corn salad was awesome.
i wan it now. ^^
haha , went to watch monte carlo as well as filmgarde@bugis.
nice neh , i like. haha.
then shop ard and etc.

20July Wednesday

went to watch Mr popper's penguin and hangover 2 after sch with xian and ching.
movie marathon@.@ haha.
super nice to watch leh both movie.
laugh like mad. haha. chow so cold chow so cold. haha.
took the last bus home haha.

22July Friday

Bugis with craziies!
haha , i donno what we do there. blehhhh.
i guess daily routine la.
shop , makan , shop makan.

23July Saturday

My last NE shows !
heh , awesome to be at zhenghua primary school. heh.
it was real fun with all my friends there . haha.

24 July Sunday

went to the railway tracks early in the morning with ching and xian (:
walk from plaza to railway mail via the tracks.
super hard to walk sia. haha. but worth it for those awesome photos (:

30July Sunday

Kor treats dinner @ wm mayim !
yummy max! hahaha.
see how happy my parents are. haha.
he even treat us uddersssssss. (: haha.

5August Friday

after ns5 mock test , went sch's makan place for dinner with F&E.
then while walking to bus stop for home ,
they suggested slacking at KAP .
so we went~!
the same old pocky thing happen and this time round ,
it was Zhiyang's turn to do it. haha.
then we play card games and etc. (: .

8August Monday

went msia with ching.
and it was real suay kena cheated of money for a survey.
malaysian are really cheaters.
see our sad faces with the things in our hand?
these 3 things cost us 80RM~ CRAZY or WHAT?
not we siao go buy okay.
is they say help them fill in survey form to give them points.
as they are in competition.
so we being nice , help la.
who knows , they said '' erm , you want give us how much ? 10ringgit is 1 point , 20 ringgit is 2 point and vice versa. ''
i am like WHAT? tot is survey form!!
initially don wanna give money to them.
in the end , ching go give then my person here say '' see , ur friend supported leh , u leh ? support la ? ''
so i being nice , gave 30ringgit. cos their base was 30ringgit! nt even 10ringgit okay!
i give one not enuf sia ,
another girl came over ,
'' Hi , i am in same group as him , u can help me fill in , so i can also get points? but no need give me money liao ''
I said '' U SURE NO NEED MONEY x3 times ''
her reply : '' ya , no need , just help fill in , and then we can get the points. ''
in the end , i fill up and TMD , she say '' U wan help us get point? u give me 10ringgit can ? ''
WAH BIANG?! they are beggars issit! like that beg money one meh?!
i had my stand , and yesh , i said '' NO , i don wan . ''

this whole thing above spoil our mood.
we were like angry and sad.
cos we came in with like 100ringgit.
yet 30ringgit were spend on things useless.
[ huiching worse , she 50ringgit ]
so , nvm , waited till 12.30pm went to Neway for KTV !!
heh , luckily it is all worth it there!
4hr+ with food and drink @15rm. cheap ma!
then we buy some snacks to nom nom b4 going back sg.

otw way to custom ,
those beggars are there!
and they wanna attack us again!
huiching faster pull me run , when the girl tapped on my shoulder and say '' xiao jie! ''
wa , super disgusting people sia.

12August Friday

went orchard with ting after sch.
get my ns5 result back , i am happy with it really.
not that good. but at least , better than what i had expected. haha.
then we walk from far east - ion - cine - ps. haha.
shop makan shop makan. haha.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011 @ 9:59 PM

22 JUNE , Wednesday.

went bugis with ting and channie.
collect our clique shoes , shop ard (: .
meet lixian at bp.
then me and xian went to slack ^^ .

23 JUNE , Thursday.

Went out with poly clique to marina barrage.
they celebrated my birthday there (: .
IT's STITCH CAKE LOR. waaaa. haha.
the sun is sibei hot but they still tahan it. awww.
we picnic there with cakes , crackers , seaweed and more with 4 bottles of 1.5l drinks.
we fly kites there too. though only manage to fly for awhile .
then we went home sweet home at 6pm (: .

24 JUNE , Friday.

Meet up with F&E to orchard.
then went to find jm&cel at the basement.
then they celebrated jol&mine birthday there , awww , <3.
then after that , we bus and walk to timbre!
then ordered the roasted duck pizza and more.
chit chat and camwhore there .
then went to walk at boat quay then to liang court.
then settle down and play true or dare.
fun (: .

25 JUNE , Saturday.

No NDP :D.
so went out with xian to plaza sing.
had Just Acia for lunch ^^ .
then ting came to meet us , then we went walking ard ps.
then soon we bused home at 8plus. haha.
me and xian went to slack at fajar there. haha.

26 JUNE , Sunday.

it's family day out of sg! haha.
we went batam , a total of 10 of us.
not a bad trip , considered i tried gokart! there. hehes. <3.
i bang on the tyres there and got stuck. haha.
had an awesome seafood lunch there. <3 max. hehe.
then also not bad shopping there, quite alot of stuffs to shop.
then we ate KFC there , abit -o-.
and ohhhhh , the cup corn there is super niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i miss it the most!! haha.
batam trip soon again~~~. :D.

27 JUNE , Monday.

Sch start. argh.
nothing much , same old stuff. haha.
after sch went bp to meet up with xian.
had bbq express for dinner.
waaaaa , nice and full. haha. blurp* .
then shop ard , then i think we slack again somewhere at fajar. haha.

28 JUNE , Tuesday.

Meet up with F&E after sch.
then bused to sixth avenue for dinner. zhu chao~~~.
then me n jm went 711 buy cakes and pocky for celeste to celebrate her birthday ^^
then we 'cha' the pocky and treat it like candles for her. haha.
mad funneh.
and we had the birthday girl to make a wish and eat one of the pocky stick for ea wish.
i think cel total ate ard 24 pocky sticks haha. poor girl :/
then we went KAP and slack at MAC.
then zy , zt , jm n i play dai dee.
i lost 2 rounds.
loser to go down to order things.
each order i said , behind must end with PORKYYYYY!
so we went down , all start laughing like a crazy .
then hor i went to the counter.
ME : hahahahahaha [ keep laughing non stop ]
Counter guy : relax relax , what you want?
ME : One ice cream cone ..... PORKYYYY.
ME : Another ice cream cone .... PORKYYYYY.
super fun night with them. <3.

29 JUNE , Wednesday.

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! :DDDD. omg , i am older. sigh.
anyway , it was kinda suay cos tcher change the date of the field trip to NUH to tdy !
but nvm , at least i get to eat FRIED DONG FEN .
miss it much muchy.
then mrt-ed home.
dad fetch us to eat zhu chao at bukit timah there. <3.
then went to bp to buy cake with kor.
At polar .
Salesgirl : How many candles?
Kor: 2 BIG candles.
ME to Kor : u sound like u said 2 Pig candles!
Kor : shhhh , if i said it , the salesgirl might hit me.
[ i unds can liao ^^ . ]

30 JUNE , Thursday.

After sch , went west mall to meet with...
then hor , ... treat me eat sakae sushi as my birthday present.
so i ate quite alot there :/
hehe. enjoy much , thanks!!

1 JULY , Friday!

went out with craziies at night to Clarke quay.
b4 tt , me and ting went ard searching for cheap liquor.
finally found , but it took us quite some time.
thus making the other 3 wait at clarke quay. :/
then we went MR. curry for dinner ^^ .
then went to slack somewhere near sg river.
then play true or dare with them. <3.
drink a little tooo.
but lixian too kua zhang de drunk liao
haha , keep vomit and vomit non stop like merlion ! haha
thanks girls for the celebration and etc. <3.
enjoyed myself lots lots tt night!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @ 2:30 AM















Huiching: '' HI! I'm in a rush! ''

Liang popo @ huiching.

Crab walk @ huiching!

Drowning in water @ huiching

donno jump what @ shuying and huiching

PLS LOL @ shuying's action.














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